Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Do I need life insurance?

Planning for life’s uncertainties is one of the most important things you can do for your family and your future. Life insurance can provide protection from the financial impact of an unexpected event such as death or illness. And, there are different types of life insurance, each suited to very specific individual needs.

  • Pay for college
  • Eliminate a mortgage
  • Reduce debts
  • Pay for expenses in the event of an illness
  • Supplement retirement income
  • Pay estate taxes
  • Cover the costs of a funeral
  • Make a meaningful contribution to a charity

You can chose from a broad array of products
that offer many options to customize coverage to your unique needs.

Term Life Insurance

  • Typically purchased by young families
  • Covers any expense in the event of death
  • Least expensive coverage, but rises over time
  • Does not have cash value and only pays claims if insured dies prior to end of term period
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Final Expense

  • Usually purchased by seniors
  • Intended to cover the cost of a funeral
  • More expensive coverage
  • Includes very low cash value that will likely not withdrawn
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